Office of Student Life

Student Health Services

Insurance Types

Ohio State Comprehensive Student Health Insurance Benefit Plan

  • Student Health Insurance information will be downloaded at the beginning of each semester and automatically loaded onto the student’s account 

Wilce Care Supplement

  • Wilce Care Supplement is a prepaid medical and prescription drug package for services at Student Life Student Health Services (SLSHS).
  • Enrollment begins at Fall semester and is loaded onto the student’s account.
  • Students are required to register third party insurance

Third-Party Insurance

  • Third-Party Insurance information will be verified prior to each appointment at SLSHS by providing a current insurance card (front/back)

Submission of Insurance Information

  • Online via My BuckMD portal
    • Upload a copy of both the front and back of insurance card
    • Upload a completed and signed Insurance Registration Form
  • In-Person at Patient Registration
  • Email: