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Student Life Student Health Services Optometry Services offers routine vision exams for glasses and contact lenses, in addition to providing problem-focused medical exams to treat a variety of eye disorders. 

Ohio State Optometry Services recently launched a new online store for ordering contact lenses and other optical supplies available through College of Optometry. If you would like to use insurance benefits for your contact lens order, please call 614-292-1683 prior to ordering online. 


  • Online via My BuckMD
  • To obtain a copy of your contact lens or glasses prescription call 614-292-1683 
  • Comprehensive eye exams generally take 90-120 minutes


For after-hours eye or vision emergencies, please call the College of Optometry Emergency Pager at 614-292-2020 or go to the nearest emergency department.


  • The American Optometric Association recommends a comprehensive eye examination every one to two years 
  • For those who wear contact lenses, an annual comprehensive eye examination is required


For a comprehensive eye exam:

  • Please wear a current pair of contact lenses
  • Bring the box or blister pack of your contact lenses or speak to your eye care provider to obtain a copy of your current prescription

Eyewear Gallery

  • Due TO COVID-19, eyeglass selections, dispenses, adjustments, repairs and other dispensary visits require a scheduled appointment in Eyewear Gallery
  • Eyewear Gallery visits are with a licensed instructing optician and are not clinical visits
  • For questions regarding a prescription, call 614-292-1683