Office of Student Life

Health Records

Student Life Student Health Services (SLSHS) health records are retained for seven years after a patient's last visit.

Privacy and confidentiality is protected and health records are not released without patient written consent, including to parents or guardians, except as required by law.

Health records, including office visit notes, laboratory and radiology reports, vaccination history and dental records may be obtained.

To Obtain Health Records

  • Email, fax or mail authorization form, using black ink
  • Charges may be associated with a request, payment must be made prior to the release of information
  • Allow 10 business days for request completion

Access to Health Records

  • Per federal law, SLSHS is not able to communicate with parents, or anyone else, without consent from the patient
  • With a patient's permission (signed release), SLSHS may discuss health concerns or needs with any designee
  • A parent can be listed as an emergency contact allowing SLSHS to notify them in an emergency situation
  • For non-emergency situations, ask the patient to give SLSHS written permission to speak about the health concern
  • For patients younger than 18 years old, SLSHS is obligated by law to release health records (except related to sexually transmitted diseases, contraception and pregnancy testing) to parents/guardians if requested


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