Office of Student Life

Student Health Services


Notify a staff member if you would like to have a Medical Chaperone present during your exam. 

A Medical Chaperone is another Student Life Student Health Services employee who can provide comfort and reassurance during an exam and/or assist either the patient or the provider, if needed.

For intimate examinations, the staff will advise the patient that chaperones are expected to be present during these exams. The patient may request that a chaperone be present at any time, for any examination. The patient may also decline the presence of chaperone.

If a patient declines the presence of a chaperone and the medical personnel is uncomfortable proceeding, a conversation between the patient and medical personnel regarding the purpose of a chaperone should occur. If the patient still declines, the provider may postpone the exam or reschedule the patient visit for another time or with a different provider.