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Completing the University Vaccination Requirement

The University's COVID-19 vaccination requirement is a separate process from the multi-vaccine requirement process. For more information on the COVID-19 vaccination please click here.

The Ohio State University vaccination requirement must be completed prior to the start of the student's first semester. Failure to complete the applicable requirement may result in a hold placed on the student account, prohibiting the scheduling of classes and access to transcripts.

View a calendar of upcoming vaccine clinics at Student Life Student Health Services.

How to Complete Vaccination Requirement


  • Valid documentation (must be in English):
    • A completed Ohio State Vaccination Requirement form
    • A printed immunization history from a medical provider, high school, local health department, previous university or US military
    • Blood test (titer) lab reports, if applicable, and must include results with interpretation


  • Log on to My BuckMD with university name.# and password
  • Click the My Forms tab
  • Locate the Vaccination Requirement form
  • Enter vaccine dates and/or blood test (titer) dates and submit


  • Log on to My BuckMD using university name.# and password
  • Click on the Document Upload tab
  • Select Vaccination Requirement - New OSU Students  for Document Type
  • Click browse to locate the document
  • Click Save to submit

If technical difficulties are encountered, email a PDF document to 

Submission Processing

Submissions will be processed within thirty business days of receipt.

A student will be considered non-compliant if:

  • Vaccination dates are not entered into My BuckMD or documentation from a medical provider is not uploaded
  • Incomplete documentation is received
  • Vaccinations are contrary to CDC guidelines and/or State of Ohio requirements
  • Licensed medical professional is not an MD, DO, PA, NP, RN or RPh

In the event of non-compliance, the student will be notified via My BuckMD secure message.



  • If a student has a medical condition that prohibits completing one or more of the requirements, the student may submit a medical exemption
  • Medical exemptions must be completed by a licensed medical provider and uploaded as indicated above


  • If a student objects to the requirement, submit a general exemption:
    • Based upon good cause
    • Religious beliefs
    • Philosophical or moral convictions
  • The exemption must be notarized by a Notary Public and uploaded as indicated above

For questions about the Vaccination Requirement, email or call 614-292-0118.