Office of Student Life

Testing for Non-Consensual Drugging

 Signs you may have been drugged without consent:

  • Suddenly feel very drunk, disoriented, drowsy and have trouble focusing or controlling your movements
  • Remember very little after accepting a beverage
  • Awaken hours later and find yourself completely or partially undressed, or notice soreness indicating that sexual contact may have occurred

Reporting the incident:

Testing for non-consensual drugging:

  • Urine testing for drugs must be done within 4 days (96 hours)  of the suspected drug ingestion 
  • Testing is completed at Student Life Student Health Services

Additional resources:

  • Ohio State University Police 614-292-2121 
  • Columbus Police 614-645-4545 
  • Student Life Counseling and Consultation Service 614-292-5766 
  • The Office of Institutional Equity 614-247-5838 
  • Office of Student Conduct 614-292-0748 
  • 24-Hour Rape Helpline 614-267-7020