Office of Student Life

Student Health Services

Drug Screen Requirements

Your Health Professional College may required a 12-panel Drug Screen. For due dates, check with the program.

Drug Screen Process

  1. Schedule an appointment.
    • Online via My BuckMD (Select Drug Screen Required by School for the appointment reason)
    • or call 614-292-4321
  2. The Drug Screen Appointment
    • A urine sample will be collected at your appointment
    • Bring all medications and supplements that you are currently taking to your appointment
    • $35 is due at the time of the appointment (not billable to insurance)
  3. Drug Screen results
    • Results are available within 1-2 business days
    • Results are posted in the Lab History tab under My Profile section of My BuckMD
    • Results are communicated to the Health Professional Program automatically

Below is the list of drugs and adulterants that are included in the Drug Screen at Student Health Services.

  Amphetamine Benzodiazepine Barbiturates
  Cocaine Creatinine Ecstasy
  Marijuana Methamphetamine Opiates
  Methadone Nitrite Oxidants
  Oxycodone PH Phencyclidine
  Specific Gravity Tricyclic Antidepressants  

If you are unable to get your drug screen at Student Health Services, you can submit a 12-panel Drug Screen lab report from a licensed medical professional or licensed laboratory.