Office of Student Life

Student Health Services

Insurance and Charges

Charges are assessed for office visits, medical procedures, dental services, ancillary services, prescriptions and supplies. 

The amount owed will be determined by the services provided and the patient’s benefits. Copayments (co-pays) are due at the time of service.

To identify the cost of a specific service, test or procedure, call 614-292-0113.

SLSHS accepts personal checks, however, the following checks are not accepted:

  • Counter Check: a non-personalized, non-encoded check that is available at most banks
  • Starter Check: a non-personalized check received from a bank when a new checking account is established
  • Third-Party Check: a check made payable to a person or organization other than the one accepting the check (ex. a paycheck)
  • Foreign Check: a check written on a foreign bank not specifically prepared as US currency

A $30 fee will be assessed for returned checks.

To make a payment online visit

Make checks payable to:
The Ohio State University
Student Health Services
PO Box 772911
Detroit, MI 48277-2911

We are currently experiencing processing issues with several insurance companies, resulting in billing delays. We apologize for the inconvenience.