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Vaccination Requirement

The Ohio State University vaccination requirement(s) must be completed prior to the start of the semester in which the To Do List item is assigned.  Failure to complete the applicable requirement(s) may result in a hold placed on your student account, prohibiting the scheduling of classes and access to grades/transcripts.

The requirement applies to:

DOMESTIC STUDENTS -You must complete this requirement if:

  • You are new to The Ohio State University - have never before attended classes at The Ohio State University.
  • You will be attending the Columbus Campus.
  • You will be taking at least one (1) class in a face-to-face setting.
  • Your enrollment status is half-time or greater.


INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS - You must complete this requirement if:

  • You are an international student with an F-1 or J-1 student visa.
  • You are new to The Ohio State University - have never before attended classes at The Ohio State University.


HOUSING STUDENTS - You must complete this requirement if:

  • You are an Ohio State University Student.
  • You are new to University Housing, on any Ohio State campus - have never before lived in University Housing.


*** Students admitted to a Health Professional program must meet the vaccination requirements for both the university and their degree program.


To complete your vaccination requirement(s) you must both Enter AND Upload:

ENTER the dates of your vaccinations in MyBuckMD, a secure health portal.

  • Logon to MyBuckMD with your university name.# and password.
  • Click the My Forms tab.
  • Locate the Vaccination Requirement electronic form on the left side of screen.
  • Complete the electronic form for the applicable components, transferring the dates from the paper form completed by your licensed medical provider to the electronic form.
  • Click the Submit button.

--- AND ---

UPLOAD documentation from your medical provider verifying your vaccination dates.

  • Download the appropriate PDF form.
  • Submit the paper form to your licensed medical provider (MD, DO, PA, NP, RN) for completion and signature. ***All paper forms must be signed by a licensed medical provider (MD, DO, PA, NP, RN).
  • Convert the completed paper form and all supporting documentation into electronic format by either scanning or taking an image of the paper form/document(s).
  • Logon to MyBuckMD using your university name.# and password.
  • Click on the Document Upload tab.
  • Select Vaccination Requirement Document for the Document Type.
  • Click the browse button and locate your electronic document.
  • Click the Save button to submit.

*** If technical difficulties are encountered, email PDF document to


Processing of Submissions

Your submission(s) will be processed within fifteen (15) business days of receipt.

The entered dates and verification from your medical provider will be reviewed for both completeness and compliance with the vaccination guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

A student will be considered non-compliant if:

  • Vaccination dates are not entered in MyBuckMD or documentation from a medical provider is not uploaded to verify the vaccinations.
  • Incomplete documentation is received. 
  • Vaccinations are contrary to the guidelines of the CDC and/or the Ohio State requirements. 
  • The licensed medical provider is not a M.D., D.O., P.A., N.P., R.N.

In the event of non-compliance, the student will be notified via MyBuckdMD secure message and instructed on how to achieve compliance.  This may include:

  • Repeating the entry of vaccinations in MyBuckMD or the upload of documentation.
  • Proof of immunity through a titer lab test.
  • Repeat of the vaccination.



If you have a medical condition which prohibits you from completing one (1) or more of the requirements, you may submit an exemption.  Medical exemptions must be completed by your licensed medical provider (MD, DO, PA, NP, RN) and submitted as indicated above.

Good Cause/Religious/Philosophical/Moral Conviction
If you object to one (1) or more of the requirements, based upon good cause, religious beliefs, philosophical or moral convictions, you may submit an exemption.  The exemption must be notarized by a Notary Public.  The exemption must then be submitted as indicated above.  **This exemption is not accepted by Health Professional Colleges for their vaccination requirements.

For questions about the Vaccination Requirement, please email: or call the Health Information Services department at 614-292-0118.