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Radiology FAQs



Do I have to pay for the x-rays performed here under the Ohio State Comprehensive Student Health Insurance?
X-rays performed for illness or injury are covered. X-rays performed for screening are not covered under the plan. If you do not have the Ohio State Comprehensive Student Health Insurance, your charges may vary according to your insurance company.
How do I get my results?
Generally, a follow up appointment is scheduled. Otherwise, the provider will call with any important result or information.
Can I get X-rays done for my private doctor or my doctor at home?
Yes, Radiology does accept outside orders. We require a written order (which may be faxed to us at (614) 247-4791 from your physician which includes his/her phone/fax numbers and the diagnosis code. Results will be faxed to his/her office.
Do I need to make an appointment to get X-rays done?
No, we take patients on a walk-in basis.