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Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine FAQS


How much does physical therapy cost?
It depends on the injury, diagnosis and provider's orders.  After the initial evaluation you will have a better idea of what the cost of treatment will be.  
How often do I need to schedule therapy appointments?
The Physical Therapist will evaluate your situation and determine the frequency of your appointments.  It is very important that you schedule your appointments as directed by the Physical Therapist as each appointment will build upon the achievements of the previous appointment.  Too much time between appointments may result in a lack of improvement.
What is the Ohio State Comprehensive Student Health Insurance physical therapy benefit?
Please contact Patient Accounts to learn the Physical Therapy benfits for both Ohio State Comprehensive Student Health Insurance and the WilceCare Supplement.
May I see a Sports Medicine Physician without going to another provider first?
Yes, you may see a Sports Medicine Physician without seeing another provider first. The Physical Therapy/Athletic Training/Sports Medicine department is located on the third floor in the Wilce Student Health Center.  To schedule an appointment call (614) 292-0130.
What type of sports injuries do you treat?
We treat acute and chronic conditions when referring to all joints (ankle, knee, shoulder, etc). We treat pre and post surgical cases.