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Where is the pharmacy located?
The Student Life Student Health Services (SLSHS) Pharmacy is located on the ground floor.
If I have the Ohio State Comprehensive Student Health Insurance, may I fill my prescription at another pharmacy?
Yes, however you will have to pay the full price of the prescription and submit the bill for reimbursement.
To be reimbursed for the cost of your prescription from another pharmacy, you must complete a Medical and Prescription Drug Claim form which can be obtained in our pharmacy or downloaded at the Student Health Insurance website. The reimbursement process takes approximately two months.
How do I transfer my prescription?
To transfer a prescription to another pharmacy, you will need to call the pharmacy where you want it filled, give them the prescription number from our bottle and the name of the drug. Ask them to call the Student Life Student Health Services Pharmacy at (614) 292-0125 to complete the transfer process.
To transfer a prescription to our pharmacy from another pharmacy, call our pharmacy at (614) 292-0125 and give them your information. Our pharmacy will call the other pharmacy and complete the transaction.
I am out of refills, what do I need to do?
The quickest way to get a refill is to call your provider's office. Sometimes your provider will request that the pharmacy fax them a refill request. Call our pharmacy at (614) 292-0125 to request this, and then call us before you come in to ensure that we have heard back from your provider's office.
Can I get a three month supply on my prescription?
Through the Ohio State Comprehensive Student Health Insurance, you are entitled to a 90-day supply of birth control, provided the 90 days do not exceed the duration of the current academic term.  All other medications may be dispensed in one-month quantities.
However, we can accomodate you if you need a prescription mailed or sent to a different location.  A credit card payment will be required for the co-pay and shipping charges.
Will you match the $4 prescription offer from Giant Eagle, Kroger, etc.?
No, we do not currently match their prescription costs.
How long will it take for my prescription to be filled?
The time for prescriptions can vary, but it usually takes 15-20 minutes.
I need a refill on my medicine. Do I need to schedule an appointment for that?
Yes, you need to schedule an appointment, provided you are seeing a provider at the Wilce Student Health Center. Keep in mind you that you may not be able to get in the same day. Schedule an appointment before you run out of medicine.
I need a prescription for ADD/ADHD.  Can I get that here?
Prescriptions for ADD/ADHD can be written here. Students must have documented diagnosis ADD/ADHD, with written reports of recent psychological testing on file at the Student Life Student Health Services. Patients may be required to sign a medication contract.
If you have never had formal testing or are unable to provide documentation, you need to arrange for appropriate testing, which may take up to three months to complete. You may wish to contact the Office of Disability Services at Pomerene Hall (614) 292-3307 or Student Life Counseling and Consultation Services at the Younkin Success Center (614) 292-5726.
What if I’m a student at an OSU regional campus? What should I do about getting my prescriptions?
We can mail any prescriptions to you since you are a student at a regional campus. We would just take your address and a form of payment when you call the Pharmacy at (614) 292-0125.