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Receive a Secure Message

A secure message is a message from Student Life Student Health Services (SLSHS) that follows the strict guidelines of HIPAA in order to ensure that your privacy is maintained. 

Receive a secure message:

  • When a secure message has been created for you, you will receive an email notification alerting you to a waiting message.  This email will contain a link to My BuckMD.  You can also access My BuckMD from our website.

To view secure messages you have received:

  • Select Messages, View Messages
  • A list of your secure messages will display.  The Date Read column will indicate if a message has been read.
  • Click on the subject to view the message.

To view secure messages you have sent:

  • Select Messages, View Messages
  • Click the Sent tab above the listing of messages you have received.
  • A list of messages you have sent will display.
  • Click on the subject to view the message.

To reply to a secure message:

  • A secure message should only be replied to with information pertaining to the original content of the message.  If you have an unrelated question or concern, please call (614) 292-4321.
  • Urgent information or concerns should NOT be sent via secure message.  Please call (614) 292-4321.
  • To reply, click the Reply to Message link located underneath the message.
  • Type your reply in the response box provided.
  • Click the Reply button.
  • Your message will be read within 2 business days of receipt.