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My BuckMD Logoff



To complete the log off process and prevent other users from using your account on this computer, you must close this browser window and exit the browser application.


My BuckMD is part of The Ohio State University single signon system.  The same signon that is used to access Buckeye Link, Carmen, and other Ohio State services, is used to access My BuckMD.  When you sign on to any of these services, your single signon account will stay active until you exit the browser application.  It is imperative, therefore, that you exit the browser when you are finished with any of these services to ensure you have disconnected from your single signon. 

Navigating to another site, such as Google, WILL NOT disconnect you.  You will still be connected to Ohio State's single signon and someone else could navigate to one of Ohio State's services and access your information.  Exiting the browser window is the only way to ensure you have been disconnected and that your information is protected.