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Testing for Non-Consensual Drugging


What if I think I was deliberately incapacitated with drugs or alcohol?

Signs you may have been drugged without your consent:

  • You suddenly feel very drunk or disoriented after having had only 1 or 2 drinks.
  • You suddenly feel drowsy and have trouble focusing or controlling your movements.
  • You remember very little after accepting a beverage.
  • You awaken hours later and find yourself completely or partially undressed, or notice soreness indicating that sexual contact may have occurred.

Reporting the incident:

Testing for non-consensual drugging:

  • The Sexual Violence Support Coordinator from SCE or an advocate from SAC will provide you with all available resources on and off campus and help determine what services you may need, including financial support options.
  • Urine testing for drugs must be done within 96 hours (4 days) of the suspected drug ingestion and costs $260 which will not be submitted to insurance.  Testing is completed at Student Life Student Health Services.
  • If you experienced sexual assault, connect with SCE to discuss options for payment processing.

Additional resources:

  • (614) 292-2121 Ohio State University Police
  • (614) 645-4545 Columbus Police
  • (614) 292-5766 Student Life Counseling and Consultation Services
  • (614) 247-5838 Office of Title IX
  • (614) 292-0748 Office of Student Conduct
  • (614) 267-7020 24-Hour Rape Helpline