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Laboratory Results

Please note:  The Laboratory CANNOT release or interpret test results. 


Most test results are available within 24-48 hours.  The results are sent to your provider.  If you laboratory tests were order by an outside (non-Student Life Student Health Services SLSHS) provider, you will need to contact the provider directly for your results. 

Notification of test results for tests ordered by SLSHS providers:

Your provider will notify you of your test results

  • Online via MyBuckMD, secure message
  • By Phone  **Messages cannot be left on phones where the voice mailbox is not setup or is not that of the patient.
  • By Appointment  **You will be notified if a follow-up appointment is necessary.

Printout of test results for tests ordered by SLSHS providers:

  • Online via MyBuckMD, select My Profile, Laboratory History.  Click on the lab date to view results in PDF format.
  • In person from Student Life Student Health Services Health Information Services, located in room 264C on the second floor.
  • Lab results are made available via MyBuckMD after your provider has reviewed and signed off on a result.