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Why can't I get a copy of my records on the day of the request?
Student Life Student Health Services treats hundreds of patients daily. This results in many requests for copies of medical records. We fulfill these requests on a first come, first served basis.
I have an appointment with my family physican in my hometown in 2 days. Is the turn-around time still 7-10 business days?
Student Life Student Health Services understands the importance of sharing health information to provide uninterrupted care and to reduce healthcare costs. Please state the date of your medical appointment upon request, and we will make your needs a priority.
Do my parents have the right to obtain my health information?
No. You can be assured that your health information is strictly confidential. Your health information is not available to anyone, including parents, professors, and friends, without your written authorization or by a court-ordered subpoena. If you are a minor, however, we are obligated by law to release your records to your parents if requested, with the exception of sexually transmitted diseases, contraception and pregnancy testing.
May I request that all of my health information be released to my parents until I graduate?
Authorizations cannot be given prior to treatment. Blanket authorizations to parents/guardians are not valid unless the patient has a chronic medical problem that requires extended treatment. The authorization must state the diagnosis/condition permitted to be released and will be reviewed by the Medical Director for medical necessity. This type of authorization will expire one year from date of signature.