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Titer Requirements

In addition to vaccination requirements, your health professional college may require a titer to verify you have an appropriate antibody level to ensure protection against the disease.  If an insufficent level is found, a booster vaccination or repeat of a vaccination series may be required.

Submission of titer records:

  • Student Life Student Health Services (SLSHS) Laboratory: Titers received at SLSHS are automatically added to your health record and communicated to your health professional college.  No further action is required.
  • Other Laboratories: Documentation of your titer results will need to be provided to SLSHS. Upon receipt the information will be added to your health record and communicated to your health professional college.  **Allow 10 business days for processing. Documentation can be:
    • Uploaded through MyBuckMD
    • Faxed to (614) 292-6001
    • Delivered in person to SLSHS, 2nd floor Central Desk

Obtain a Titer

If you are in need of a titer in order to meet the requirements of your health professional college, you may schedule an appointment with the Preventive Medicine Nurse at SLSHS.  Appointments can be scheduled:

  • Online via My BuckMD (Select Health Professional Student for the appointment reason)
  • By Phone with Advice/Appointments (614) 292-4321
  • In Person with Advice Appointments

Titer Results

For titers received at SLSHS, results will be provided as follows:

  • Via MyBuckMD
    • A secure message will be sent indicating the overall results of your titer.
    • Detailed titer results can be obtained through the Lab History option in MyBuckMD, located under My Profile.
  • In Person
    • Stop by the laboratory 24-48 hours after your testing and request your results.