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Advice/Appointments FAQS


Do I need an appointment? Can't I just talk with someone?
Our Advice/Appointments staff can help you decide if you need to be seen, and then schedule an appointment for you. If you have a health or illness related question, you can visit one of our Advice Nurses on the first floor on a walk-in basis. They can give you helpful information on many injuries and illnesses if you need quick, free advice.
Do I need an appointment for “ x “ - and then how do I schedule?
One of the Advice Nurses on the first floor can help you to determine if you need an appointment. An appointment can be scheduled:
  • Online via My BuckMD
  • By Phone with Advice/Appointments (614) 292-4321
  • In Person with Advice Appointments

Do you take walk-ins?
We don’t take walk-ins like an urgent care facility, but if we have an open spot you will be scheduled in the first available appointment. We try to accommodate same day appointments as long as a provider is available.
Can I just come in or do I need an appointment?
With the exception of laboratory services, all patients need to schedule an appointment to be seen.  An appointment can be scheduled:
  • Online via My BuckMD
  • By Phone with Advice/Appointments (614) 292-4321
  • In Person with Advice Appointments

What if I forget my appointment?
You can view your upcoming appointments through MyBuckMD or call Advice/Appointments (614) 292-4321 to check the time of your appointment.
If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please provide us with as much notice as possible. You will be charged a ‘no show fee’ for any appointment not cancelled at least 2 hours prior (24 hours prior for Physical Therapy and Dental appointments) to the scheduled appointment time.
Is there another doctor I can see? May I request which doctor I see?
The appointments scheduling staff are happy to try to accommodate any requests you may have about the provider you are seeing. However, special requests to see a specific provider may mean a longer wait for an appointment. Please feel free to ask our staff.
I want to see a specialist, how do I do that?
You may contact a specialist directly to schedule a visit. However, some specialty offices prefer that you see a primary care office first, so that the reason for the visit is clear, and any needed preliminary tests are completed. Additionally, some insurance plans require that a specialist referral start with a primary care office. Ohio State's Comprehensive Student Health Insurance does not have this requirement.
How much does a visit to Student Life Student Health Services cost?
There are fees for all services performed at Student Life Student Health Services. The cost of services depends upon the type services rendered. The Patient Accounts department may be able to supply approximate estimates of costs and may be contacted at (614) 292-0113.
I haven’t had a check-up in a while, do you offer any health screening without getting a whole physical?
The Student Life Student Health Services Laboratory offers cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood pressure screenings. Consider screening if you have any risk factors including, family history (parents or siblings) of high cholesterol, hypertension or diabetes.
Can I get a physical done there?
Most physicals can be scheduled here. Please call us for more information.
If I didn’t come to Student Life Student Health Services for care, may I still obtain a doctor’s excuse? I was too sick to come in for an appointment.
We are not able to document you were under our care when you were not seen in our facility; however, we do have an Absence Excuse Form (PDF) that you can use to document your illness.
Do you offer psychiatric care in your facility?
We do not offer psychiatric care. We recommend that you speak with the Counseling and Consultation Center at (614) 292-5766. If they cannot get you scheduled quickly, they will be able to refer you to another provider.
I am an alumni. Can I be seen at the Student Life Student Health Services?
At this time, we only see currently enrolled Ohio State University students. Your insurance company should be able to provide you with a list of primary care physicians within your area that are considered in-network and accepting new patients.