Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience


About your Appointment


Length of Appointment:

Plan on about an hour from the time that you arrive until the time that you will leave. (This can be somewhat longer if you need lab work, X-rays, or a referral.)

Appointment Includes:

  • Check in at the kiosks or Patient Registration Desk.
  • Reading/completion of forms (privacy policy, medical history, appointment specific, etc.)
  • Processing by Clinical Staff (Nurse or Medical Assistant).
    • Check vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, weight, etc.)
    • Determine reason for visit
    • Review medical history (allergies, medications, etc.)
    • Check to ensure that any lab work or test results from previous visits are available for your provider to review
  • Have a seat in one of our waiting areas. You will be given a copy of our Patient Handbook if you are a new patient or if you have not received a copy in the past. While you are waiting for your provider, please take a few minutes to review.
  • Provider will call you to come back to the examination room.
    • We make every effort to see you as soon as possible. If there is an unexpected delay (as may happen if the patient seen before you is extremely ill or their diagnosis is complicated), we will try to keep you informed.
    • Review your history and discuss your current concerns
    • Perform appropriate physical examinations
    • Discuss your concern and recommend a plan.
      • The plan may include a medication/prescription, laboratory testing, or non-medication treatments.


Most testing can be completed Student Life Student Health Services (SLSHS), and you may be asked to wait while that testing is completed (especially when it would affect your immediate treatment). You may need to schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss the test results with your provider, or to see if you are improving. Scheduling those appointments before you leave SLSHS will ensure that you have the best choice of times, and that there will be an appointment available for the time when your provider would like you to return.

Outside Testing/Referrals:

If you need testing at an outside location, or if you need a referral to an outside specialist, we will assist you with scheduling those appointments before you leave.  We can also schedule any referrals within SLSHS for services such as Physical Therapy or Optometry.